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In July 2007 a detailed outline proposal was presented to Melbourne Water Corporation.
It highlights the many benefits of supplying water to the Mornington Penisula by towage from Tasmania
, with the containers to be discharged at the port of Hastings.

The proposal was submitted after the Tasmanian authorities had informally confirmed that the required water could be sourced, long term, from the Forth river.         

The proposal also has the full support of the Hastings Port Authority and the local labour organisations given the fact that the proposed scheme would substantially benefit the port whilst creating long-term employment for many people. (Towage crews and operational staff onshore)

Upon implementation of the scheme, the peak capacity of the desalination plant at Wonthaggi could be reduced by the volume of water landed at Hastings.
It shortens the piping distance of the water by some 80 km, at an overall cost saving of - at least - $ 0.50 per KL.

More detailed information is provided in the chart below: