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MARECON is a specialized consultancy in the field of the marine application of high-strength industrial fabrics, having acted –since 1984- as Australian Agents for Robusta Holland, a major international supplier of geotextiles for civil engineering application. (Onshore and offshore)

Robusta’s fabrics are also applied in the so-called FLEXMAT technology owned by Marecon. (a proven system for revetment works, boatramps and stabilisation of marine pipelines, with reference to website

Marecon’s Principal, P J (Jan) de Geeter, obtained his Masters degree in civil engineering at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands in 1961, majoring in coastal engineering.

During two years military service, as an officer in the Royal Netherlands Navy, he was seconded to Delft Hydraulics, put in charge of a seabed mobility study sponsored by NATO. This was followed by four years lecturing at the University of Nigeria after which he joined Shell International (in 1968)

After various assignments in the Netherlands, Africa, and the UK he arrived in Australia in 1982 to be engaged as senior pipeline engineer on Woodside’s N.W. Shelf Rankin project. (until its completion in 1984)

Over the past three years the company developed the WATERTOW technology in close consultation with leading international manufacturers of high-strength industrial fabrics.

In regard to the software developed for the design of the containers, valuable advice was provided by the world-renowned Maritime Research Institute of the Netherlands. Its service will be retained during continued optimization of the container’s hydrodynamic and towage performance. MARIN’s expertise and extensive testing facilities are highlighted on website

Substantial support was also received from Svitzer International Towage in regard to studies and towage (scale) tests undertaken.  Svitzer’s local associate, Riverside Marine and other reputable Australian companies act as formal advisers in regard to the proposal recently submitted to the Government of Queensland.